Friday, January 28, 2011


   The vents have closed down for the winter. At least, that is what Uncle says.  No more steam, no more whistling until it gets a bit warmer.
   We had frost on the shingles of the shed the other day, but no snow. It never snows here. Uncle says we had black snow once, but that it was different. It had something to do with the nuclear testing site nearby, I think.  He only talks about it when he has been drinking.
   I miss being up north, but understand that I have to stay here for the time being. Near the water.  I sure hope the problems in Mexico clear up soon, I loved being able to swim with the fishes. The fishes of the ocean. Oh, Tracy.
   It is awfully quiet now. Except for my stomach.  I think the lasagna may have had just a bit too much garlic in it. Hmmm. My teeth are growing longer.

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