Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The  Mud Mounds
   Hey Uncle Greg.  Hope it is cooling down up there, I know you had a hot long summer ! It is getting better here day by day, and the whistling hasn’t been as loud as normal, which is nice.  Sometimes it makes my skin feel crawly.
   Out by the tubes, we started seeing some of those mud mounds you’d mentioned when you were down here last time. Oh yeah, Sis says to say “hi”.  She also asked to put a smiley face after it. Like this :  J
   They seem to show up more and more around the edge of the town, kind of by the tubes, but I am doing what you asked, and staying away from them.
   Some of the kids went to play over there the other day, and they weren’t in school yesterday. Maybe they fell down and got hurt or something?  Uncle just snarls at them at night, and has started carrying around a shotgun all of the time. He makes me nervous when he is like this.
   You know how he can be.
   Anyways, I have to get down to the creek and cool off. Miss you !

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