Monday, September 6, 2010

Neeker Breekers

Neeker Breekers
Hey Greg !  I hope it is starting to cool down where you are at. It is still really hot down here, and I spend a lot of time sleeping in the creek after the sun goes down.
I read a really cool book called “the lord of the rings”, and there is this bit in it about neekerbreekers.  They must be the same things I hear singing all night near the water down here. “Neek-Breek”. That’s all they sing, over and over and over. Uncle says they are cicadas, but I don’t know. How can such a little bug be so loud?
Sis is doing well, she getting ready to go back to college. I’ll miss her a lot, even though she blows in my ear and pulls my hair a lot.  Uncle says that is just something that sisters do.  I do like hearing the stories of the university though. They have fossils and everything there !
We have armed patrols nearby the house now, especially by the tubes. They say that they are here to protect us from the immigrants. I guess the governor of the state said that the people can’t come here anymore for work, and now I have to mow the lawn. I like riding the mower though, so that’s o.k.  Since the border patrols have started up, we also have to eat a lot more greens, so we put in a garden !  I have my own patch of melons, lettuce, and hot peppers. I love those hot peppers!  I’ve also started to learn to set snares for the rabbits that eat my lettuce. They taste just as good.  I kind of feel bad sometimes though, they look so nice.  Maybe I’ll make a coat or something out of a bunch of them.
Well, it’s about time for me to go swimming. I feel so much better in the water.

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