Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Police and such...

Uncle Greg
Sorry it has been so long again. I broke my hand a month ago and had to have a cast put on it. I couldn’t type much, so I wrote longhand, but the letters kept on coming back “address unknown” in some girl’s handwriting. Do you know any girls?
Sis is back home again from the University. She says that I have to study harder if I ever want to get out of Basalt Falls. I don’t know if I want to, really.  I like it here. Yeah, I know it is hot, but the whistling tubes and the creek keep me cool. The house is nice and dark too.
Hey! I learned a new word !  Specter.  It is something like a ghost, but with more presence, according to the librarian in the town. You’d like her. She is trying to get me to read some other stories from the older people’s section, but I don’t understand all of the words. Maybe you could help me out?
Just exactly what does “gibbous” mean ? I get the swelling part, but I don’t understand how it works into the story line.  I still like “Misty  of Chincoteague” the best of all of the library books I’ve gotten this summer. I even wrote a report on it for next semester at school. I wish I was a horse now and again. Not now, though.
The Border Patrol has been around a lot lately. They even have a gun on one of their trucks that some people say is a “war gun”. I guess it is a Fifty Caliber or something, but the bullets are as big as my middle finger !  They aren’t too nice to us. They seem to think we are hiding something or helping the migrants.  The state passed a bill that allows the police to apprehend people if they think they are doing something bad. I thought the police were already supposed to do that? Sometimes I get confused.  I gave some water to one guy passing by from the hose while I was watering the mint out front, and the next door neighbors called the sheriffs.  They said I was a “collaborator” and would have to talk to my parents, but then they left when I said that they were dead.
I guess that they felt sorry for me. Either that, or the tubes were whistling again.

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