Saturday, April 3, 2010


I don’t think college life is going to well for Sis. She complains a lot about the guys that hit on her up there, every time she comes home.
She normally comes home on the weekends, which is nice. She likes to go down to the stream with me too, but she doesn’t get in the water like I do. She likes to look at the rabbits.
No one at the bar hits on her, I don’t know why they do up at the college. Everyone at the bar leaves her alone, unless they are ordering something to eat or drink. The bar doesn’t even need a bouncer at all.
Sis says that a bouncer is someone who tells people what to do in the bar. I don’t quite get that, but I’m sure she is right.  Why would someone go out and spend money to not have a nice time?  I don’t understand adults sometimes.
Sis is never rude or unpleasant, at least to me. Yeah, I  know about the problem with the Marcley boy, but I think he deserved it. They never proved anything anyway.
They are talking about putting in another hardware store here, a chain store.  I thought that meant they sold a lot of steel, but Uncle says that it means “the death of sole proprietors.”  I’ll have to look that up in the dictionary later on.
I got a nice big red dictionary last year for my birthday, but I haven’t read the whole thing yet. Sure is interesting. I never knew there were so many words for the same thing.  Why do girls get so upset about a boy who is a friend?
Sis had a boyfriend for awhile, I think I mentioned that in one of my old letters to you, but he has gone away.  I think she might be sad about it. It’s hard to tell with Sis.
Her grin is the same. I like the way her teeth look when she smiles.

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