Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Letter

The Floods.

Hey Greg, sorry I haven’t written as much as I’m supposed to, but our house got flooded out last week.
It was really wet.  Uncle was really mad, and yelled a lot about how he had done the rituals correctly in December, so we shouldn’t have had a problem at all. I guess he means the odd poetry. It rained for almost three weeks here, I think it may have even been a record or something.
The water came up from the cellar, and we saw lots of interesting stuff. I saved some of it in a box for you the next time you come down. You might like it, and I know I didn’t get you a Christmas card or anything.
Even the big tubes were full of water and they couldn’t whistle at all. A lot of the people here were acting mad too, just like Uncle. Sis says there was a fistfight down at the bar yesterday that was really big. I wish’d I had been able to see that !
I couldn’t because I’m the only one in the house who can go down in the water and try to unplug the big drain. It was really murky. I did find a neat cross on a chain that was holding down the lock on the drain, and I saved it for you. It’s really neat, Uncle says it might even be real gold !  He says he didn’t want it in the house, so I am storing the box over in the shed, but I put a tarp on over it, so it should be safe.
Once I got the lock undone, all of the water started to swish out really quick.  I betcha it only took fifteen minutes or so for the whole basement to empty out. It was really neat looking at the whirlpool, and watching all of the stuff go down into the hole.
I guess now we have to clean up the mess. It really smells bad too.
Anyways, I miss you, and can’t wait till you come down.

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