Friday, November 20, 2009



I got into a fistfight today at school. One of the other kids said I was being weird. We were in the swimming pool, and I didn’t come up for a while. I guess the coach thought I might be drowning, so he jumped in and carried me out onto the cool deck.
It was kind of perplexing for me. I felt just fine.
Later on, after third period,   Jerry started making jokes about me and my relatives. I didn’t like that. I got really mad.  He pushed me, and I broke his nose.
I had to go to the principal’s office.
The principal had a long talk with me about how violence is wrong. I don’t understand some of that.  If it is wrong, why are we at war all the time? I guess sometimes you just need to do what you  need to do, but I don’t think trying to justify it is rational.
I’m reading a lot more. I like some of the books from the library, they are really neat. Uncle has a bunch of books too, but some of them are kind of scary. He says I have to read all of them soon.
I just went and took a shower, and found I had Jerry’s blood underneath my fingernails. It tastes like copper.

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