Thursday, December 3, 2009

Whistle Stop

I have been hearing the strangest music lately. It sounds like a high pitched violin, but it is coming from out of the fields, near where the lava tubes are. Uncle gets really nervous when he hears it too. He says I should not ever go near there when the music is coming out.
I like it.

It makes me feel more like I am at home. Sometimes I sing back out of my window, and I could swear that the music answers.  It is kind of frustrating, because I can almost understand it. Almost.
Terry didn’t show up for school today.  I like her. I hope she is o.k.
She has blond hair, and has to wear braces because she has a gap in her teeth. I don’t know why that is so wrong, I thing she is cute the way she is now. Or how she was.

It is almost a full moon tonight. I think I might go out in to the field and see if I can listen to more of the music from the volcano.
I’ll write as soon as I can.

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