Sunday, September 27, 2009


The Tubes
I went down into the cellar last night, and heard the whistling again. I whistled back, because I had been listening to one of  Sis’s cds (don’t tell her, she’ll hit me), and I couldn’t believe it !  The same tune came back from one of the tube holes !  I’m going to try to take down my recorder next time. It must be some sort of a neat echo effect. I’ve seen that on the Riccola commercials.  The Swiss must like yelling a lot.
My sore throat is almost gone, but I am still coughing now and again. I like to just sit in the tub of cold water, it makes me feel better.
Uncle says that now I getting ready to grow up, and things are going to change. One of the kids from school says that means we are going to have to stay away from girls. Well, Sis is at college most of the time, so I guess that’s o.k.
When I wake up I kind of feel funny sometimes, and my stomach hurts. It must be part of the “change”.  My neck too.
Anyway, Basalt Falls is turning out to be a pretty interesting place. Uncle says we get to explore the caves later on today, because it is Sunday, and a lot of other people will be there.

It should be fun !

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