Thursday, September 24, 2009

Power !


It’s pretty neat. We got power the other day !  That means we won’t have to run the generator so much, or store food down in the caves.  It’s really cold down there, and no one likes to have to get the meat.  I can see better at night than sis or Uncle, so I usually end up having to go for dinner.
The tubes whistle something fierce when you are down in them, especially from the very bottom openings.  Last Tuesday I came up with the ham, and was whistling something that I had just heard in one of the tubes, and Uncle got really mad at me. I guess it is bad luck to whistle the way they do. I like whistling.
Anyway, the power guys were here this week and they got us all set up.  Uncle says that we might even get a phone soon. I don’t know who I would call. 
So, now, my computer can stay on more often, and I get to write more stuff !  I’m really excited, it’s better than a trip to the reef.

The reef in Mexico isn’t as big as the one back at home, but it is still pretty neat. There are lots of fish and crunchy shrimps.   Uncle says we might be able to go there again this fall, but we have to wait for the moon or something. He really likes going to the vacation spots where older kids who go to college like to “hang out”.  I went into one this spring, and I thought it was noisy and smelly.  Sis loved it a lot, and spent most of her time there. She must be a really good dancer, because she got paid to just dance.  I wish I could dance like she can. Maybe when I am older.
The power poles are really neat to look at.  Just outside of my porch, you can see the cables stringing all over. I guess we are the last house to get electricity in Basalt Falls from what Uncle calls “the grid”.  I’ll have to ask him if it because the wires look like grids from space, but that’ll wait until tomorrow, because he went out late tonight to get more dinner. The stores sure do stay open late here !

Night !

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