Thursday, September 3, 2009


The River
I really like the river. There are lots of little fish that swim near the shoreline. Bigger fish sometimes come in and eat them, but I throw rocks to try to scare them away. There are frogs there too.  They start out as little tadpoles and then grow legs and come out of the water.  I really like the water too. Sometimes at home, I just put my head in the sink full of cold water. It makes me miss my mom and dad.
I grew up on the east coast. My parents went away, so I came out here to live with my Uncle and Sis.  She’s been out here for longer than me, but she likes the river too, but I think mostly for the rodents. I like the fish better. She’s always jumping into bushes and throwing things. I like to just lay in the grass and watch the little fish swim around with the tadpoles. If I put my fingers in the water, they come up and nibble on them, like they are food. It tickles.
I remember the east coast. It was always cold and dark and stormy. It was neat. There was a big reef outside of town, and ships would get hung up on it if the light went out in the tall watchtower went out.  My  dad was the lighthouse foreman. He said the lights went out sometimes because of the breakers. I always thought “breakers” were those waves that hit really hard, with a white edge. About every seventh one, as I recall.  Uncle says I have to go back there sometime, but I’m not sure.
I kind of like the river. It’s slower moving than the ocean, and there aren’t as many gulls.
Seagulls bother me a bit. They always would swoop down and peck at me, like I wanted to hurt them or something.  Who would want to eat a seagull? Yucch. I can barely stand eating  the meat out here, and it is mostly deer.  I found a bit of metal in the tray last night, and Uncle said it was a shotgun pellet. I didn’t know they made gold shotgun pellets. They must be special. He told me to be quiet and just eat. It’s o.k. with enough catsup.
I have my own garden too !  Uncle and Sis don’t like vegetables too much, so I grow swiss chard, lettuce, carrots, onions, and even asparagus ! I really like asparagus, but it makes my pee smell funny.

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