Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Early August

August 2nd.
Well, the coyotes came back again. They beat up Uncle Red, and took my sister out to the woodshed. There was a lot of screaming and yelping for a long time. Sis was wiping her mouth when she came back in through the front door. She didn’t want to eat any dinner. I was mad, because I had spent a lot of time making dinner.  She said she was full. I just don’t think she likes the way I cook stuff.
Uncle Red heals really quickly, so the bruises were already fading  by then.  He thought he might have a broken rib or two, so he did some pushups. I guess that is what heals him up. Maybe that is why they call them “push-ups” ?
The other coyotes, the real ones, were back too, later… they were whispering and talking. I don’t know coyote tongue, so I couldn’t understand it . Maybe Uncle Red can tomorrow night. I’m sure they’ll come back again. They seem to really like the tubes from the volcano.
There is a lot of whistling coming from some of the vents now and again. Mostly on the really dark nights when the stars are all out. Mostly.
I saw one from my window. It giggled at me. I drew a picture:
 These coyotes are bigger than the other ones.
The little coyotes run around and bark a bunch, but these ones...well they just pretty much stomp through the desert. 
We haven't had as many border crossers, what my daddy used to call "wetbacks" for a long time. I don't know why they don't want to swim in the river. I think it is fun. Last week, I saw a whole bunch of people floating by in tire tubes. They were drinking beer and smoking hand rolled cigarettes. They even had a big stereo and tape player on one tube !
The news says that they found the tubes later on. They must have drownded.
Uncle Red says that my daddy shouldn't have ever used that word.  We are part spanish too! He said.
It sounds like we are from all over. 

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