Saturday, September 12, 2009


   My sister has a boyfriend now. He came back with her from school the other day. They sure wrestle around a lot at night. Sometimes she screams, and I almost want to wake up Uncle Red, but then she yells something about going someplace and sighs. Then she giggles.  He must be tickling her.
   His name is Nick.  He seems to be fairly nice, but he doesn’t like the river too much. I asked him to go down and look at the fish with me last weekend, and he did. But he didn’t look good when he came back home. He’d gotten muddy playing with some of the fish in the water, and must have scratched his arm on something, ‘cause he was bleeding real bad.  My sister stitched it up. She used to be a CNA (that is a “certified nurses accomplice) at a hospital once back up in Phoenix.
   Phoenix sure was hot. I don’t think it rained there but once a few months or so for the whole time we were there. I had to stay in the cellar quite a lot. Most houses in Phoenix don’t have cellars, the ground is so hard they actually have to use dynamite to get the clay soft enough to dig in.   We must have lucked out, since our house was right over an old graveyard.  Uncle Red liked the idea so much that he bought a plot of land right over another one here in Basalt Falls.  That is what I call thinking !
   Nick doesn’t look too good this morning.  I think he has what grandpa used to call “the sweats”.  I took him in his breakfast, since Sis wasn’t up yet, and he only ate the fried pork and eggs.  I was mad. I had made the orange juice from scratch, from our own bushes.
   I hope he gets better.  Uncle Red says that he will fix him up soon. I saw him with a bottle of absinthe and a teaspoon of sugar. That’ll do just fine, I am sure. Uncle gives us absinthe now and again to ward off any germs or viruses.  I’ve read about swine flu, but we don’t have any pigs anymore, and he says I can’t catch it anyways.
   11:00.   Nick looks worse now.  Uncle seems to be calm, and so does Sis, so  I guess everything is o.k.  Boy, Nick sure does look bad, though.
   2:00   Nick is all better. He is up and walking around, and he said he wants to go out with Sis tonight !  I don’t like bright moons, but I guess they want to be alone and stroll along the trails. We haven’t had a bunch of migrants through here in a while, at least that is what it seems like.   We’re going to have pork loin for dinner again tonight. Uncle Red is firing up the grill. I really like pork loin.
   Time for dinner soon, so I got to go. It really is nice talking to all of you on the internet, I kind of feel like I have a family out there…too !  Gee, the river sure is loud this afternoon. I hope we don’t get a flood.

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