Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I don’t feel too well today. Actually, I haven’t for a few days, because I keep on getting sweaty and then chilly and then sweaty again.  I’m not even hungry, but I sure want to drink a lot and my pee smells something awful ! Not as bad as after you’ve eaten asparagus, but close, that’s for sure.
Uncle says that I am “de-hydrated”. I didn’t know what that meant, so I looked it up on the google site.  It means my body doesn’t have enough water in it !  It even said that you can die if you get too dehydrated. That’s scary out in the desert, because there isn’t much water and it’s always hot out.
One of the kids from the school’s dad is in Iraq fighting about something. We had a class about it in history, and I didn’t understand much. It sounds like it is a big desert with oil in it. I guess there are a bunch of people really mad at each other, and they just keep on arguing over and over again. Sometimes, the playground is like that. Jimmy keeps on beating up Kevin a lot, but he got in trouble with the teacher, and got spanked !  I don’t get into fights too much, mostly because I stay away from the other kids a lot.
I like the river.  It’s nice and cold all the time, no matter how hot it is outside. I like to go down and just lay in the dark part and watch the clouds move overhead, especially when I feel “dehydrated” like today.  After I send this out to you, I am going to go swimming for a few hours, it should make me feel better. I don’t like being sick very much.
I wish the people over in Iraq had more rivers, then they could cool off too? Uncle says I don’t understand yet, I guess.  Maybe we could dig some big trenches and have new rivers put in, then everyone could go swimming.
It was never this hot back at home, and we had the ocean to go into whenever we needed to. I miss seeing the octopus and sharks. I really liked them. No one here believes me when I tell them what I’ve seen. Maybe that’s why I don’t get into fights?
I sure hope you come down again soon, I miss you !

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