Monday, September 14, 2009


I’m taking a bath tonight. I like getting into the water, especially when it’s nice and cold.
It’s very hot down here in the Falls. Sometimes, it gets to be over a hundred and twenty, but the news station always says it it’s “normal”.  Maybe the volcano isn’t quite extinct…or the whole thing about global warming is true. 
 I have a globe, but it is only of the moon. I like picking out the parts on it that people have never seen, according to one of Uncle Red’s friends. He says that we’ve never been there. To the moon, I mean. He also says that his dad was in on it, and worked on the filming from the 60’s over a bit west from here, towards Yuma.  There is a big military base there, and we can’t go over there. It bothers my uncle a lot, but not me. There aren’t any good rivers or ponds or lakes there, so I would be bored. All that sand and heat. I sure hope the soldiers have bathtubs.
I like bathtubs. In a big one, you can sink down until you are completely underwater. Then you can hear the singing. I wonder why water carries sound so well?  I saw a show about whales, and one scientist said that the vocals can carry for hundreds of miles underwater. Maybe that is why I hear it.
My sis has a cd by a guy who does whale music. I took it and burned a copy to my hardrive, so I can listen to it when she is gone. She keeps her door locked.  I like Paul Winter, even though the saxophone does get to me now and again. It’s much better than the junk the other kids listen to. 
Sometimes I sink into the bathtub and howl like a whale. I wonder if they can hear me too ?
We had crab meat yesterday. I was happy. I like crab, it makes miss home though. I used to eat a lot of lobster. “Maine’s number one catch!” they advertised a lot.  I see on the news that the great white sharks have moved into the area again. Maybe people will be caught soon too.
Crab meat is different from lobster. It has more tendrils in it, and the shell is tougher to open. Maybe that’s why octopus’s like them so much, because octopus’s are really really strong.  I’ve seen them open all kinds of things. They can open almost anything, really.
I wonder if they could open up a door…

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