Thursday, August 27, 2009

July 29

The coyotes were back again last night. No, not the dogs, the people. They smuggle other people across the border from Mexico into the States, and charge them a lot of money, and sometimes beat them up too.

I got beaten up last week at school. Trent doesn’t like me too much, and smashes my art projects all the time. I was really mad when he ruined my clay relief. I’ll show him someday. I’m a dreamer, and not the only one.

Sometimes we get real coyotes out here too. I like them now, but at first I was scared. They have big jaws and teeth. Uncle Red showed me how to make them kneel down with just a few hand movements and some muttering. I guess I did it too much though, because our cat was missing on day, and Uncle said it was because I had been “tempting them”.

I just looked up the word “tempting”. Yeah, I guess I did. I hope that Jones kid down the street didn’t tempt them too. He hasn’t been in school for a while, and they even posted up pictures of him on the street poles.

I wish Trent would “tempt” them. Maybe I should make another clay relief.

We get a lot of people in our town coming from down south. They want to get up to Phoenix and make a lot of money , I guess. My sister makes a lot of money when she goes up there. I don’t know where she works, because she is a real crappy cook. I think Uncle summed it up best as “bland and bland, with nothing on it”.

We usually give the people some water, and even food now and again. Uncle Red gets a deer license every single year, and we always have plenty of meat in the freezer. Trent’s dad hasn’t been able to get a license for years. Uncle must know someone down at the office, I guess. Deer tastes a lot like pork, to me.

Last week, we got to go down to Mexico ourselves ! We went to a little town with a bar that was right on the beach. I had tacos with fish in them, and a really strong soda called a “wallbanger”. I didn’t like it too much. I like coca-cola better.

The really neat part is that I got to see the dwarf octopus with their eggs all over the place! The female lays her eggs in an old shell or beer can, and then guards them until they all hatch and the little baby octopuses swim away. There were lots of them. One bit me when I picked it up, and my finger still kind of hurts, so I am going to stop typing now.

Jeez. The coyotes sure are howling tonight.

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